Badminton Cancelled Monday November 13 - Remembrance day long weekend - school holiday

Times are:
  - Mondays, 7 PM to 10 PM for 3 hours (previously 7:30 to 10)
  - Wednesdays, 7 PM to 10 PM for 3 hours

Increase in playtime on Mondays will result in fee increase from $25 to $30 to cover gym rental expense.

Due on your first visit, please pay:
  - $30 for Monday sessions
  - $30 for Wednesday sessions
  - $55 if you play on both evenings

Exact change or personal cheque is welcome.

Please check the Fall schedule: WB-schedule.pdf

Membership enrolment will be capped at previous fall/winter level to maintain reasonable wait time between games. Unless I have been notified, your absence on the first Monday and Wednesday session will result in your spot given to the next person on the waiting list. Persistent non-payment of membership fee will result in permanent ban from the club!

If you decide not to return, kindly drop me an email for the benefit of new players.

Please heed parking restriction in the school vicinity as enforcement is effective from 7 a.m. to midnight, Monday to Friday.

See you on Wednesday, Sept 6.

Peter Yu
Wascana Badminton Club, Est: 1930