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Club play is suspended to January 2021

The City of Regina informed us that school facilities will not be available for Fall 2020. The city and school boards will be developing a longer term PHASE-IN PLAN but for now, access is restricted to community partner groups.

We will post updates as they become available.

April 2, 2020: Badminton
Season Cancelled

We received notification from St. Francis School that they have cancelled our booking for the remainder of the season due to the COVID pandemic.

As such, badminton is officially cancelled for the remainder of the season.

Thank you in advance for your understanding. Stay safe.

Michelle W., Club Administrator
Wascana Badminton Club, Est: 1930

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St. Francis Elementary School
45 Mikkelson Dr., Regina, SK
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Schedule + Fees

Fall 2020-Winter 2021 

Schedule, fees and location will be posted when available.


The LAWS of


Every player at this club is entitled to enjoy the game in a safe and friendly environment.

As in all sports, we promote SPORTSMANSHIP and RESPECT among all participants.

Consistent disregard of these common sense rules will result in a lifetime ban from our club.


Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in playing at your club. Can you answer the following questions? Who runs the club?

Wascana Badminton Club is a not-for-profit organization run by volunteers whose mission is to provide a sociable, non-competitive, and recreational venue open to all adult, male and female, badminton enthusiasts. Operation of the club is financed by membership fees. No government funding is provided.

When and where do you play?

We play in the fall, winter and spring, on Monday and Wednesday evenings at a local primary school gym. We do not play during the summer, nor when the gym is reserved for school function. We stop play in mid-June when most players turn to outdoor activities,and the school is closed for summer recess.Link to the current play schedule can be found on our webpage. Always check our website for the latest cancellation update due to:

  • School function which has priority over our badminton night,
  • Severe weather condition which advises against any non-essential travel.

Email confirming the cancellation will be sent to all club members by the club administrator. Therefore, it is advisable that you provide your email address or contact phone number to the club for notification purposes.

What are the fees?

Link to the current fee schedule can be found on our webpage. Membership fee is due at the first badminton session, in September (fall session), January (winter), and May (spring). Normally, we do not offer any drop-ins when the roster is full. However, we may allow drop-ins when a significant number of members are absent due to vacation or other commitments. You can email us for available spots.

What equipments should I bring to the gym?

  • Comfortable playing attire
  • Non-marking gym shoes; no outdoor runners
  • Water bottle, with pure water
  • Badminton racquet

We supply Yonex Mavis 300 or better nylon shuttles. Change room is available.

How many players are there?

We will limit a maximum of 20 players playing doubles over three courts. After completing a game, a player will write his/her name in the next open square on the whiteboard to declare availability for the next game. We do not play the "Ladder system" nor do we run any tournaments. All players are expected to assist in net set-up and take-down, floor cleaning, and organizing of games.

Safety, liability, and Code of Conduct

The use of protective eyewear is not mandatory but is highly recommended for your own eye safety. On your first visit before you can play, you will be required to sign a form pertaining to liability and waiver issues, and to abide by our club's Code of Conduct.

My 17-year old child wants to tune his skills before the school badminton season begins. Can he come and play at your club?

Our club does not accept children because of liability and disciplinary issues. However, subject to general membership approval, we may allow young and responsible adults to join us on a membership basis.

Where can my 11-year old child learn to play badminton at a competitive level?

Crosscourt Badminton Centre offers training and tournament opportunity to all junior badminton players. Check their website for more information.

I am not sure if your club's level of play suits me. Can I come and take a look first?

Certainly, check the current schedule on our website for when we play.

Can I rent a badminton racquet from you?

You are welcome to borrow a spare racquet from the club administrator until you have purchased a suitable one from a sports store.

Do you sell badminton racquets?

No, we don't. Badminton racquets can be purchased at one of the local sports stores.

Can I rent a court from you so my friends and I play exclusively in one court?

No, due to limited space, you and your friends will share the courts with the general membership.

Do you play singles at your club?

We give priority to the doubles game because of the number of players in attendance. In extremely rare situation, if a court is available and you can find another player willing to play singles, then go ahead and play in that court.

Do you use the 21-point scoring system?

Yes, this is the standard scoring system used throughout the badminton world.

How do you settle disputes in faults, scoring, etc.?

The LAWS of BADMINTON is available for review at www.saskbadminton.ca.

It is up to each team of four players to apply the "honour system" in enforcing the rules.

Please email us if you have further questions that are not answered in the FAQ section. Contact information is on our website.

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